Happy Halloween!


Just a quickie post, before I need to go to work. And this is why we celebrated our Halloween already on Wednesday 🙂 Ofc we also had a Jack o’ Lantern carved, but I still don’t have a proper pic out of it, so here’s our orange-chocolate-cake:


My nails are Hallocute, not hallocreepy this year. I wanted to try out this “round gradient” (or whatthahell it is?) where the middle is lighter.


I picked out Essie Fear & Desire and O.P.I I just can’t Cope-Acabana and a sponge and made my base on top of one layer of Essie Blanc.

Then I scratched my head for a while, I’ve lost my graveyard stencils btw, and went through my stamping plates.

hallocat2Finally I picked out Born Pretty Stores BP-59 and stamped these witches black cats with MdU Black, with MdU White in their eyes.

I actually love the result! Happy Hallows eve everybody!


Links are attached just to help you find some great stuff, I have bought all the products with my own money and my opinion is honest. C’mon, I have no sponsors yet!


Golden Paws

When this is published, I’m actually out of town, probably running my ass off on the ring with our little wolfhound. Last dog shows of the year! The last one for us is at the end of November.

I wanted my nails to match the idea, and as our dogs official name is Gold Wing, naturally it needed to be something golden. Oh, and we call him Lemmy by the way, after Mr. Kilmister.


I started out with Essie Ballet Slippers as a base to my frenchie nails, and did tips and ring fingers with Essie Penny Talk to get a bit warmer base. And as my Sugar Daddy is empty and As Gold As it Gets couldn’t be found from my personal hell, which is also known as my nail art table. Still WIP with that one, missing some (ALL) shelves.


After that, I went over the Penny Talk with two coats of F.U.N Lacquer Kingwhich is the prettiest glitterhologoldenthing that I’ve ever seen. Really. Buy it.


And finally, stamped some paws on it with MdU Black and Bundle Monster BM-323. Love the result, and it fits the occasion.

And I had to do this mani on thursday, so take a quess, how many nails are not chipped when I’m in that ring? Wish us luck!

Links are attached just to help you find some great stuff, I have bought all the products with my own money and my opinion is honest. C’mon, I have no sponsors yet!

Nude chicks.

I’m going to regret that headline in a few days, when checking out the sources leading to my blog. And I know there are going to be few disappointed guys on the other end of the internet, ha!

I felt like something semi-nude, because I managed to break down three out of five nails from my right hand. Yay. But nude, white, tasteless, scentless.. You know the drill, didn’t feel like that this time.


Base is Essie Ballet Slippers, which I decided to decorate with Mundo de Uñas Reddish.
Had a bit of a trouble deciding what image to use, but I ended with birds from Born Pretty Store BP-71.

After that my nails still looked a bit boring and Christmas-sy, so what next? Another round through my plates and I liked the big birds from Born Pretty Store BP-75.
Both birds to go with few misplaced feathers, stamped in MdU Black and ta-dah!


Usually less is more, but sometimes more is better. I actually like these, reminds me of lingonberries, birds and autumn. Nude base calms the restless overall, and black silhouettes stand out from the busy background.

I need to remember that base image on Christmas.

So bright it hurts my eyes.

I wanted to take an advantage of the last few sunny days, and do another mani with KbShimmer neon polishes.
For round two I picked Rum Me the Right Way


Base is Essie Blanc, and paisley stamp is from Messy Mansion plate MM48. Pinky is stamped with Mundo de Uñas White.
Ring finger wanted some bling on it, and I coated it with three coats of KbShimmer Alloy Matey!


All and all, I loved the brightness, the holographic finish of Alloy Matey! and these actually matched with our dogs neon yellow safety vest 😀

Sorry about the over lightning of pictures, I snapped these while we were out in the woods. Hope you can see at least the idea 😀

Woolly socks!

Nights are getting colder in here, down to -10 degrees (Celsius). And even days are chilly.
I wanted to do something warming to my nails, and well yeah.. Didn’t nail it 😀

Woolen socks are comfy, warm and pretty 🙂 I had a vision of minty, chocolate brown and warm orange knitted as stripes. Had. Execution wasn’t even near. Holes in stamps, easter egg-like striping and colors didn’t match as well as I thought.

Here we go:

After a weekend of work, in a beautiful sundown.

After a weekend of work, in a beautiful sundown.

I used Essie Blossom Dandy in all but thumb and ring finger, they got two coats of Essie Maximillian Strasse Her. After that, I stamped a knitted pattern from MoYou London ProXL 02 with Mundo de Uñas White to ring finger and thumb. After that, I used MdU Chocolate and Essie Meet me at sunset to create this double color stamp. Chevron pattern is from Messy Mansion plate MM12.


Finished look in the living room lighting. And oily cuticles.

Here they are, eastern nails in the middle of autumn. 😀

Dry brushing with a statement.

I got these beautiful cut-to-shape waterdecals from Kädet Tärisee Kristaand decided to use them as a starter for my next notd (nails of the day).
I also wanted to try out some new Essie-polishes that I resently bought from Heliumia.

I started with Essie Master plan, and dry brushed it with Smokin’ hot, Chinchilly and Sand Tropez. I thought it still missed something, so I pulled out MoYou London ProXL 02 and Mundo de Uñas Papyrus to match the base color of the water decal.


Picture taken with Nikon 1 S1 in autumn daylight.

I think it turned out quite well, decals could have worked better, but they weren’t impossible to smooth out 🙂

My go-to base- and topcoats are Essie First Base and Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Flash.