Happy New Year!

Yesterday I was still all out of ideas, I’ve been so busy with work and all the Christmas-stuff, that I’ve just polished my nails with the most sparkling polish that I have and just gone with it πŸ˜€

Kynsikoristelut-Facebook group someone started a conversation about NYE-nails and there I got some ideas. I also Whatsapped with my mum, and she said I need to do something colorful, blingy, crashboombang with that WAWAWOOM and… Well you get the idea πŸ˜€

After going through all my stamping plates, I put those aside and remembered that I won this AWESOME silver polish from Indigo Bananas (how come I haven’t bought more of these? NY promise number one!), Puttin’ on the Ritz! Opaque in two coats, mirror-like silver flakes and a pure love in a bottle.


And yes, you really do need it.
When I picked up the IB bottle, I also noticed my KbShimmer neons. I just bought awesome uv-neon-eyeshadows from Kryolan (similar to these I think), which I decided to try out on NYE, so there it is! I told my hubby to bring me a straw, and polished my pinky with Essie Blanc, started out with Bahama Drama and polished my pinky with it too, then For Sail by Owner and last but not least, Rum Me the Right Way. Lovely!


I think I succeeded, now my nails have it all: Neon colors, blingy silver and edgy look. Great for a night at work πŸ˜€

Happy New Year 2016 everyone, let there be awesome new collections and bright colors on your path! ❀



Nighty deerie

I really need to take a “how to name your blogposts” lesson πŸ˜€

This is the first mani I made after the trip, and I love it! Well, nothing ever goes as planned, I was supposed to do the gradient other way around, but other then that πŸ˜€


I sponged polished straight on top of base coat, and I used four different colors:

Essie Bikini so Teeny
Essie Make Some Noise
Essie Bell-bottom Blues
W7 Blue Lagoon


After four layers of sponging, I topped it of with Essence I ❀ Magic and KbShimmer I Only Have Ice For You to make a vision of a starry night sky.

ThenΒ I stamped this deer on my ring finger, from HeHe plate 032 (Harry Potter-collection) with Mundo de UΓ±as Blac and finally topped everything with Essence Satin Matt.


And so it happened that it’s truly freezing in here, -18 Celsius, so my nails fit the weather too! I like the end result, even though I was meant to reverse the gradient, and my new clear stamper from Dashica didn’t make it too perfect while stamping.

Stay warm!

Few manicures.


We took a weeks vacation in the beginning of December, down to Munich, Germany. πŸ™‚ It was just me and Mr. Lust.

Lovely city, a lot to buy and ohhh the cosmetics.. I’m in love! Would you like to see pictures of my findings? I uploaded two “collection” pictures in Instagram, but I was wondering if I should make a more detailed post πŸ™‚

Anyway, I wanted to do something simple and lasting for the vacation, so glitter polish it is! I went with Essie On a Silver Platter. Painted on my ring finger and sponged it to the others πŸ™‚


Pictures are just quick snapshots with my phone, sorry about that.


These also were my Finland Independence Day nails πŸ˜‰


And naturally, I wrecked my manicure in the middle of the week, and had no polishes or anything with me. I walked in about the first nail salon I could find, and they actually fixed my nails with a reasonable price, just 18€!

The manicurist had a little trouble removing what was left of Essie in my nails, and she actually used the drill to get it off πŸ˜€ First it got me a bit nervous, but she knew what she was doing and my nails took no damage from it. Then she fixed my cuticles, filed my nails and polished them. I decided to go with a classic french, so that if that tooks a hit, it doesn’t show up too well. When she was done, she oiled my cuticles, put lotion on my hands and massaged them, and we were done! Well worth the money I think, and I was happy with the result πŸ™‚


All the bumps and markings are from the worn off polish, this is why I keep them polished all the time.

We had a lovely week in Munich, it’s definitely a city to visit around Christmas time! Team Lust recommends πŸ˜€