Poisoning a friend

Long time no see! Dark winter and no light makes erya a dull gal. 

Just a quick post for you, today I did my friends hair for her.

She had Arctic Fox Poison with her, but her natural color is very dark, so I suggested that we’d add some Purple Rain on her roots, to spice uo the look

I started with poison on the ends, because it’s lighter and doesn’t mess up anything. After I dealt with that, I went in to the roots with the Purple Rain and fixed any spot I missed. After an hour,  washed it with cold water and added some conditioner to seal the deal. We didn’t use bleach this time,so I think we need to fix it up in a few days. 

But I love the color combination and I think she was quite happy with it too, at least I hope so!

Loooooove the red on her! 

There are no commercial value in this post, I have bought all the products with my own money and my opinion is honest. C’mon, I have no sponsors yet!