Here are some facts of me, my routines and some more stuff I don’t mention in every post.

My skin is sensitive, dry and my face gets reddish very easy. I have tried almost every goddamn product available, then I found Dermalogica. I have no other reason to buff them up, but my own experience, it was a miracle for me. UltraCalming is my choice of products!

My hair is naturally blond, straw like color. Thick and strong, smooth and straight. Nothing wrong with it, I just like to keep it personal. My go-to hair salon is Parturi-Kampaamo Roc in Kemi, Finland.

Base coat that I use is Essie First base. Nothing else. Even on top of Peel Off base I use FB. I also have Essie Fill the Gap, but again, I use that only with FB. IsaDora Peel Off I use only for the one-nighter-glitters.


Top coat isn’t that simple tough. My go-to top coat at the moment is Essie Gel Setter. Love the shine and lasting of this!
Recently I found Essie Good to Go, I got this mini-bottle with some Essie color I bought, and actually it’s not too bad! Not the fastest quick-dry top coat, but I can live with it.
I’m also in love with Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Flash, except that the bottle run dry and I couldn’t get it anywhere at that moment. It’s a bit thinner than Essie, so it doesn’t last as long.
When I need to matte something, I use Essence Satin Matt-top coat. Decent price and it does what it promises.


Pictures I take with my Nikon 1 S1 or just with my Samsung Galaxy S4. I like to take pics outside, but this time of the year it’s almost impossible, so I do have a lightbox, which I’m learning to use. I need more lights to that.