Nude chicks.

I’m going to regret that headline in a few days, when checking out the sources leading to my blog. And I know there are going to be few disappointed guys on the other end of the internet, ha!

I felt like something semi-nude, because I managed to break down three out of five nails from my right hand. Yay. But nude, white, tasteless, scentless.. You know the drill, didn’t feel like that this time.


Base is Essie Ballet Slippers, which I decided to decorate with Mundo de Uñas Reddish.
Had a bit of a trouble deciding what image to use, but I ended with birds from Born Pretty Store BP-71.

After that my nails still looked a bit boring and Christmas-sy, so what next? Another round through my plates and I liked the big birds from Born Pretty Store BP-75.
Both birds to go with few misplaced feathers, stamped in MdU Black and ta-dah!


Usually less is more, but sometimes more is better. I actually like these, reminds me of lingonberries, birds and autumn. Nude base calms the restless overall, and black silhouettes stand out from the busy background.

I need to remember that base image on Christmas.