Roses with golden twist

This time I wanted to do something that needs a bit more effort. So off with the stamping plates this time, vinyls and dotting tool it is.


I saw this one video in Nail Art Design Magazine-Facebook page (can’t find it anymore) which gave me the idea for roses.

I arranged my polishes and wrote names on all swatch sticks (and most of them were without label..) and wanted to use some polishes I haven’t actually found in a while (since we moved I have no shelf to keep my polishes.)


I started out with fixing my broken thumbnail and Essie First Base and Fill the Gap. Middle- and ring finger got a coat of Essie Good as Gold, rest I polished with Essie Licorice.


Middle finger I topped with three coats of F.U.N Lacquer King, ring finger got its shape with some chevron vinyls and Licorice.


Other nails I decorated with roses which I painted on with a dotting tool and Mundo de Uñas Mexican Pink and Reddish, leaves with and Essie Go Overboard.


Added some As Gold as it Gets from Essie on corners of the rose decorated nails and finished the whole manicure, except my middle finger, with Essence Satin Matte top coat.

I really think that the result is wonderful! Well, I need some more practice with the vinyls, they always leak for me.
I really need to get myself together and start doing more manis like this! 🙂


Woolly socks!

Nights are getting colder in here, down to -10 degrees (Celsius). And even days are chilly.
I wanted to do something warming to my nails, and well yeah.. Didn’t nail it 😀

Woolen socks are comfy, warm and pretty 🙂 I had a vision of minty, chocolate brown and warm orange knitted as stripes. Had. Execution wasn’t even near. Holes in stamps, easter egg-like striping and colors didn’t match as well as I thought.

Here we go:

After a weekend of work, in a beautiful sundown.

After a weekend of work, in a beautiful sundown.

I used Essie Blossom Dandy in all but thumb and ring finger, they got two coats of Essie Maximillian Strasse Her. After that, I stamped a knitted pattern from MoYou London ProXL 02 with Mundo de Uñas White to ring finger and thumb. After that, I used MdU Chocolate and Essie Meet me at sunset to create this double color stamp. Chevron pattern is from Messy Mansion plate MM12.


Finished look in the living room lighting. And oily cuticles.

Here they are, eastern nails in the middle of autumn. 😀