Balms Away

Hey lustfuls!

I’ve had some real sh*t going on in my personal life for last year. 2017 was one of the worst, but at the same time it was one of the best years I’ve ever lived through.

Springtime brought me a divorce. Summer and early autumn was the worst ever. First I was working in two places and then I lost someone very special to me. I’ve been tired and didn’t feel like doing anything extra on my freetime.

But none of those things have nothing to do with cosmetics, so I’ll leave the rest out of my blog, just wanted to shed some light at the reasons why I haven’t been posting anything in a year.

I have been trying out new products, found some new favorites and I finally have my own cosmetic-corner in our bedroom which I love! So now I feel like I have all this new, refreshed energy to start posting.

I recently made two orders to and today I received the later one. I’m so excited for these products, that I finally got the urge to make a post!

This post contains two products from this order: theBalm Balms Away eye makeup remover and L’Oréal Paris Nutri Gold Extraordinary Oil.

You know that feeling, when your makeup remover needs to be gentle so it doesn’t irritate and dry your skin, but strong enough to get rid of all your mascara and eyeliner. Yeah, I know, black undereyes, even after using a toner. I usually wash my face twice, with a makeup remover and one meant for sensitive skin, and still I need to wash my eyes with soap or something. Most of the time I still look like a junkie in the morning, because I have some black under my eyes. I was so excited for this product that this is one of the two main reasons I put my order in.

Balms Away is a soft, vaseline-like, white to transparent substance, that almost melts on your fingers.

Take a small amount of product, spread it over a closed eyelid and brows. Rub it gently so it starts to remove the makeup and wipe with a cloth or a cotton pad etc.

I had some mascara and liner on from night before (hem, a little red wine and I was too tired to was my face) and Anastasia Dip brow.

I used a cotton pad to wipe and finished with Lumene Hellä soothing face tonic.

Couldn’t believe my eyes, no leftovers, no black marks under eyes, and best of all, no loose lashes or tingling eye area.

All this with BA and ONE SINGLE COTTON PAD!

Balms Away is extremely gentle, doesn’t leave your face greasy or tacky, pulls off makeup amazingly well and wipes off easily removing all makeup with it. I’m sold. 5/5!

I’ve wanted to try face oils for a long time now, because my skin is sensitive, dry and easily irritated. L’oreal I picked out just because of the reviews.

Nutri Gold is said to be intensively nutritious, it brightens your skin and makes your skin velvety soft. NG contains apricot seed- and jojoba oils, and essential oils from rose, orange and lavender.

Warm 2-3 oil drops between your hands and dab it on your face. You can add more oil if you have dryer patches on your face.

I did as suggested and on top I used Madara Cosmetics Ultra Rich Balm DD nettle. Scent is a bit strong, but fades quickly and isn’t overwhelming to me. First it feels that 3 drops is not nearly enough, but after I started dabbing it all over my face, it was enough. Added one extra drop on my forehead, but could’ve lived without.

My face haven’t been this soft in ages! And no redness of any kind, usually my face slightly reacts to new products with redness.

I’m going to continue using both of these products these and if let you know if anything radical happens, one way or another.

Have you tried either of these?

All links and info are attached just to help you find some great stuff, I have bought all the products with my own money and my opinion is honest. C’mon, I have no sponsors yet!


Madara Cosmetics #2

Hey guys! 

I told you earlier that I ordered more Madara products, and they arrived in on Monday, yay! Decided to put the Micellar water through the ultimate test right away. 

Still loving the design. 

Will it remove my makeup? (add dramatic music here) 

So, I  have my full face on: Base, cover stick, foundation, powder, contour/highlighter and blush. Eyeshadow, liner, mascara, browpen and -color. I think that’s all!

Makeup has been on for eight hours and I was at work, so it’s a bit worn off.

Sorry for the funny angle, my bathroom disagrees with the lighting. Okay, so, Micellar water, attack! Here is the first pad, with half of my face. And what’s left of it:

Boo! Don’t freak out, it’s still me.

So not bad, it removed a ton of slap from my face and doesn’t irritate too much.  Couldn’t notice any scent while using the water, and forgot to sniff it from the bottle. 

Here are all the pads I used:

One for each side and one for finishing. I like what I see! 

Micellar water I used before, took me from 4 to 8 pads to get my face all clean! Eyeliner fought back hard, but this guy went in kicking down doors and beat everything up!

All clean and fresh-but-not-so-fresh-tired-af-from-work-face! Redness mainly is from wiping and rubbing my face with cotton pads, my skin calmed down in minutes. 

4/5, I still prefer a proper facial wash, but this will be my savior while traveling or just being too effin tired. Like, for 3-5 times a week. 

I also tried out the moisturizer, went in straight after the Micellar. 

It’s very thick when pumping it from the bottle, but also very sufficient. This little pea in the pic, is just enough to cover my whole  face. 

Scent is lime or lemon(grass?)-like, fresh and not too strong. Citrus anyway. Moisturizer itself is surprisingly light, absorbs quick and easy, leaves my skin soft but not oily. I know that I need a serum with it, ot a thicker moisturizer for the winter time, but for now this is enough.

4,5/5, love the scent and everything, but it could be a bit more efficient.

These I can recommend for all skin types, they are gentle but efficient, light but moisturizing and very reasonably priced. 

I’ve found myself a new skincare serie and I’m loving it! 

All links and info are attached just to help you find some great stuff, I have bought all the products with my own money and my opinion is honest. C’mon, I have no sponsors yet!

Madara Cosmetics

Hey guys! Long time in silence again, I had to put my blog on ice for summer. We got a new puppy, I had the busiest time in work and when that was dealt with, we moved our apartment. Moving was at the beginning of August, and I still have my polishes all in boxes, because I have no shelf to put them in. I KNOW, horrible isn’t it?

But, now it’s autumn and everything is getting back on track. Recently I got a hint from a friend about this organic cosmetics serie called Madara Cosmetics and their upcoming sale.  

Madara is said to be ecological, safe and effient, mainly vegan and cruelty-free. They do have the ECOCERT certificate, and that proves that they only use natural ingredients. Efficiency is dermatologically tested and the very heart of Madara products is flowers and herbs from the Baltic meadows and forests. You can find more information on their FAQ-page.

I couldn’t wait for the sale, so I used my “Subscribe to our newsletter and get 15% discount for your first order”-code and got a cleanser and a toner. I ordered from their Finnish webstore, so delivery came in after two days. 

Bottles are pretty, design is clean and very classic, almost healthy looking.

Cleansing milk says :”Creamy and soothing milk with Northern Oat and Linden Flower cleanses gently and effectively. Removes makeup. Helps maintain the skins moisture barrier. Skin feels soft, supple and comfortably clean, never dry.–”

Comforting Toner: “Discover softer and smoother skin with this comforting essence. Instantly soothens and calms sensitive, dry and tight skin. Deeply tones and hydrates. Regulates the pH balance, prevents skin irritation. –”

My skin is dry, very sensitive and gets easily red. Moisturizer can’t be too thick, so I have to play around with serums and stuff. On summer I can give myself some slack, but when weather gets colder and drier on autumn and winter, I need to fix my armory. Or my bathroom cupboard, but you know.

SO, first up was the cleanser. Scent is kinda flowery. Not nearly as earthy and moldy as in organic products I’ve tried before. Not the best fragrance, but also not too strong and bothering. Consistency is very creamy and on thicker side. Small amount is enough, the cleaner spreads easily. I always use my Oriflame facial brush when cleaning, so with that the cleaner didn’t foam. I tried both ways, to rinse and to wipe it off with the toner and both worked fine to me, removed my makeup and left my skin feel clean but not dry, which is quite surprising. Usually gentle organic cleansers don’t wash off my makeup too well and the stronger ones dry up my face like Sahara desert. 

So it’s a 4,5/5 to cleanser, only negative is the scent. 

Toner is just a clear water-like liquid, as toners usually are. Scent is granny-like, some flowers in it, but again, nothing too strong. Just a small amount to a cotton pad is enough, whether you use it to wipe off the cleanser or finish after rinsing.

Left my skin feeling so elastic, clean and healthy, I almost skipped my moisturizer! But not a bit oily or irritated. Very refreshing! 

4,5/5 points to this one too, again it’s the scent. 

Here’s my face after, not nearly as much redness as after some cleansers and no eyeliner or mascara leftovers, yay! I need to plug my brows, geez! 

All and all, I love these products! They are way cheaper that what I’ve been using until now,  and I was sure that nothing else will work. I did put in a new order and my Deep moisture cream and Micellar water are on their way. Let you know more when they reach me. 

I recommend these to everybody, but first of all if you want ecological and vegan products and second, if your skin is sensitive and you’ve lost all hope with inexpensive products. Just check out the ingredients list if you’re an allergic and pick what suits you. I also like that they have categorized their page with skintypes, so you don’t have to go through everything in the store to find out what might suit your skin. Try it out, if it suits you and if not, pass it for a friend. 

These are going to be my go to products now on. 

Oh, and let me know how this post looks, I tried the WP app and wrote this with my phone, and pictures are phone taken too! Can I continue or do I go back to my laptop? 

All links and info are attached just to help you find some great stuff, I have bought all the products with my own money and my opinion is honest. C’mon, I have no sponsors yet!