Stampers and Decal mat

This started out as a stamper comparison-post, which it still is, but I realized something else while working with my Messy Mansion mat.
So, is my go-to stamper the best for me of do I have a better one in store?

These are my stampers:




Row behind we have a random square stamper (this MAY be from MoYou London, I’m not sure), pink squishy one from Pueen, legit Clear Jelly Stamper-head in Dashica’s holder, a regular marshmallow from Cesars Shop. In front there are medium firm (blue set) and medium soft (brown set) from Messy Mansion and last, but not least, legit Creative Shop Jumbo marshmallow stamper.


My scraper is from Creative Shop too, and for this test I used Mundo de Uñas stamping polishes Black, White and Red and MoYou London Pro Collection XL – 15. I also clean my stampers always with a tape roller, never with acetone. My technique is that I press the stamper firmly on the plate, and straight on to my nail. No rolling, except with the CJS.



  1. First we have the Creative Shop (CS) stamper. My Black stamping polish was running out, so that’s why I decided to take the Red along.
    CS easily widens the stamp, being too soft and squishy to my use, but it still leaves a decent stamp.
    It’s a bit too big and clumsy to be the number one for me, but I need to try the image shrinking -technique with this one, when I have the time!


2. With the first Messy Mansion medium soft stamper I don’t know what I did wrong. It seems soft but still firm enough for me, but I couldn’t get a sharp stamping result with it. Too sticky maybe, and needs another technique than mine.



3. Third one was the Clear Jelly Stamper (CJS). I’ve been fighting with this #%@$&! thing from hell since I bought it. It didn’t work for me at all. When I was doing this tryout, I had a moment of enlightenment with the technique (rolling, as I mentioned above) and these turned out quite well I think!
I still don’t fancy this stamper, it’s too firm to be used with big images, and it smudges out the smaller ones, maybe MdU polished don’t dry fast enough, but it’s still a big no for me.



4. Messy Mansion’s first medium firm is the dark blue one. This one was also okay, but not too good for me. It worked out well with the mat, but is too firm to me to use on my nails. Maybe some smaller images, but not the “whole nail” ones.Not too picky, but also not too sharp with details either.



5. The marshmallow stamper from Cesars is my go-to stamper at the moment. Even couple little dent in the surface don’t make a difference on its results. I like how it picks up every little detail on the image, maybe even too well if you’re not careful enough with the scraping (as you can see on the picture.) This was my fist decent stamper, and has had it’s share of acetone, so maybe that makes it so soft.
Affordable, holder makes handling very easy and you can get this stamper from all around the world. Me likey!



6. Messy Mansion’s other medium soft, dark brown one, if very similar to the Cesars one. Sticky but still firm enough, picks up the image very easy, and one more plus is that all the stamping colors are visible on this, even black. Definitely worth buying! And also MM’s stampers are affordable!



7. Next one is Pueens pink marshmallow stamper. It’s also quite similar to Cesars’ one, but smaller. And I think it’s a bit firmer too, at least it doesn’t work as well for me, as I hope you can see from the pictures. And if I want to stamp big images, this is too small for my nails on their normal length.


8. Then we have another Messy Mansion medium firm, the light blue. This actually worked better for me than the dark one, but is also a bit too firm on my nails. Maybe with some smaller images, or with simpler design, but nothing too detailed. Maybe with decals?



9. The square one is not for me, not at all. Even if the red stamp looks good, it was only the third one that I approved on this test. Something in this makes me not like it, I don’t know if it’s the shape of the texture, it’s also on the firm side, and I can’t space this right on my nail, while I’m used to the round ones. If your nails are flat and it’s easier for you to perceive the square shape, this one’s for you!

Then the thing I realized. I was meant to use all stampers with white polish, and I was horrified how no stamper can pick up and stamp with white polish! Until I got to the Cesars one, I’ve used it like a million times with white polish, and even this one didn’t work out too well. Let me show you.



  1. Creative Shop
  2. MM medium soft Yellow
  3. Clear Jelly Stamper
  4. MM medium firm Dark blue
  5. Cesars Shop marshmallow
  6. MM medium soft Brown
  7. Pueen wannabe marshmallow
  8. MM medium firm Light blue
  9. Square

Soon after I did my test, there were a discussion on Facebook with other nail enthusiast and bloggers, that which decal mat is the best, and soon we realised that not all stampers, nor all polishes work with all mats. Well sh*t. You just have to find your own combination that works out the best.

But the result with my go-to stamper is that maybe the white marshmallow isn’t the best, and I need to use my stampers on wider range more often. I think I’m going to sell CJS, square and Pueen one, they just don’t do it for me.
After this I have been using the brown MM stamper as my number one, and I bought a new clear stamper from Cosette, which is a bit softer than CJS and works better for me, at least what I have tried it.

I don’t know if you have any use for this post, but it sure did the thing for me! And I broke my nails AGAIN (could this winter be over soon, like, really soon?) so I needed something to post about 😀

If you were left with any questions, just leave a comment!

Links are attached just to help you find some great stuff, I have bought all the products with my own money and my opinion is honest. C’mon, I have no sponsors yet!


Mayhem with a floral twist (O.P.I Color Paints)

When I was able to think first of all, and second, to do something so that my brains didn’t try to sneak out of my nose or my ear, I just needed to try out my new shoppings!

MiNails had this huge sale, everything in store was -50%! I bought myself O.P.I’s Color Paints mini-set, and few MiVinyls more. Just before I ordered Messy Mansion‘s decal mat from Cesars Shop, it’s soo much easier that old newspaper covering the table 😀

I started out with Cadillacquers Men Of Mayhem, lovely blackened green with a holographic with colour shifting micro flakies. At least that’s how Hypnotic Polish describes it 😀


Top of that I stamped flowers with MdU White from Pueen  Buffet plate collection number 72.

After the stamp dried out, I went in with color paints, some yellow in the middle, red on the inner part and purple on the edges. The swirly things around flower got a touch of green and voilà!


I’m very happy at the result and how these came off, first time for everything, eh?

Links are attached just to help you find some great stuff, I have bought all the products with my own money and my opinion is honest. C’mon, I have no sponsors yet!

Surviving and clockwork

I’m still alive, as Pearl Jam says it. I caught this world-class cold a month (!) ago and my brains are still trying to sneak out through my nose. Last thing that comes to mind is to smell acetone and nail polish at that point, and since I’m new to the blogging “scene”, I have no nails in the storage.


These nails I did just before I got too sick, and I asked idea from my hubby. He gave me his new Invicta-watch to adore and there was the idea – clockwork!


I started out with Essie Lady Godiva on my middle- and ring finger, and Chinchilly on the rest. Then I saran wrapped Decadent Dish on pinky, pointer and thumb before stamping these mechanical creatures and gearwheels from Messy Mansion MM 43 with Essie Good as Gold.


I’m sorry about the shitty picture quality, there really ain’t too much daylight this time of year, and I still haven’t got my light box.


I liked this design otherwise, but the placement ain’t perfect. Well, I just today received my Clear Jelly Stamper from Dashica in the mail, we’ll see what can I do with that! 🙂


Links are attached just to help you find some great stuff, I have bought all the products with my own money and my opinion is honest. C’mon, I have no sponsors yet!

So bright it hurts my eyes.

I wanted to take an advantage of the last few sunny days, and do another mani with KbShimmer neon polishes.
For round two I picked Rum Me the Right Way


Base is Essie Blanc, and paisley stamp is from Messy Mansion plate MM48. Pinky is stamped with Mundo de Uñas White.
Ring finger wanted some bling on it, and I coated it with three coats of KbShimmer Alloy Matey!


All and all, I loved the brightness, the holographic finish of Alloy Matey! and these actually matched with our dogs neon yellow safety vest 😀

Sorry about the over lightning of pictures, I snapped these while we were out in the woods. Hope you can see at least the idea 😀

Woolly socks!

Nights are getting colder in here, down to -10 degrees (Celsius). And even days are chilly.
I wanted to do something warming to my nails, and well yeah.. Didn’t nail it 😀

Woolen socks are comfy, warm and pretty 🙂 I had a vision of minty, chocolate brown and warm orange knitted as stripes. Had. Execution wasn’t even near. Holes in stamps, easter egg-like striping and colors didn’t match as well as I thought.

Here we go:

After a weekend of work, in a beautiful sundown.

After a weekend of work, in a beautiful sundown.

I used Essie Blossom Dandy in all but thumb and ring finger, they got two coats of Essie Maximillian Strasse Her. After that, I stamped a knitted pattern from MoYou London ProXL 02 with Mundo de Uñas White to ring finger and thumb. After that, I used MdU Chocolate and Essie Meet me at sunset to create this double color stamp. Chevron pattern is from Messy Mansion plate MM12.


Finished look in the living room lighting. And oily cuticles.

Here they are, eastern nails in the middle of autumn. 😀