Few manicures.


We took a weeks vacation in the beginning of December, down to Munich, Germany. 🙂 It was just me and Mr. Lust.

Lovely city, a lot to buy and ohhh the cosmetics.. I’m in love! Would you like to see pictures of my findings? I uploaded two “collection” pictures in Instagram, but I was wondering if I should make a more detailed post 🙂

Anyway, I wanted to do something simple and lasting for the vacation, so glitter polish it is! I went with Essie On a Silver Platter. Painted on my ring finger and sponged it to the others 🙂


Pictures are just quick snapshots with my phone, sorry about that.


These also were my Finland Independence Day nails 😉


And naturally, I wrecked my manicure in the middle of the week, and had no polishes or anything with me. I walked in about the first nail salon I could find, and they actually fixed my nails with a reasonable price, just 18€!

The manicurist had a little trouble removing what was left of Essie in my nails, and she actually used the drill to get it off 😀 First it got me a bit nervous, but she knew what she was doing and my nails took no damage from it. Then she fixed my cuticles, filed my nails and polished them. I decided to go with a classic french, so that if that tooks a hit, it doesn’t show up too well. When she was done, she oiled my cuticles, put lotion on my hands and massaged them, and we were done! Well worth the money I think, and I was happy with the result 🙂


All the bumps and markings are from the worn off polish, this is why I keep them polished all the time.

We had a lovely week in Munich, it’s definitely a city to visit around Christmas time! Team Lust recommends 😀