Trying out new foundations #1


I’m on a mission. A mission to find me a new foundation. There’s really nothing wrong with Clinique Redness Solutions foundation, but yet it’s not enough, if you get me?

I want just a bit more cover, and a better stay, but I don’t want waterproof makeup.

This task is not going to be easy, I tell you! Usually when there’s enough cover, they don’t make it pale enough. If they do, they either have pink or yellow undertone, which suits me none. And my skin is quite dry. Yay?

A neutral, great cover, pale as a paper and doesn’t suck up all the moisture from my skin. Impossible?

Yesterday I got two samples to try out from Emotion:

Clinique Even Better in shade CN28 and Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear 005.

Today I put Clinique to test. Shitty picture warning.

This is my face in all of it’s gorgeousness. Red-ish with few blemishes, pale but not even. Huuuge pores. Unedited and daylight.

I treated it like any other foundation, with NYX Professional Makeup Studio Perfect primer, my Kicks foundation brush and Kicks Beauty Perfect Finish – setting spray.

In these pics I have the foundation on the right (your left) side of my face.

I was pleasantly surprised how it covered the redness! You can still see through in some parts, but not so that I couldn’t live with it. Not as covering as Redness Solutions but okay.

I went on with the rest of my make up. Powdered up and brows and lashes:

After doing my eyes, blush, highlighter and lack of daylight:

Then off to work. From 10pm to 4am. Oh, and I wore my glasses for the whole night. Result of the wear-test:

As you can(not) see, it still is quite matte on my cheeks, but oily on the T-zone. My forehead and nose shine a bit, but on defense, now you know why I don’t have bangs anymore. I could see a little bit of oxidation, it got a wee bit too dark or me. And you can see some marks left by my glasses.

Swipe test:

I’m used to not touching my face while working, but I’d like to find a foundation that doesn’t run around too much in few hours. So, I just swiped semi-lightly across my forehead with two fingers and as you can see, it did leave a mark. Not as bad as CRS, but it moved. 6,5 hours, I know, but a bit longer time could be nice.

Over all, Clinique Even Better is definitely not a bad foundation. If you have darker skin tone than me and maybe a little less oily forehead, I think you’ll find this very workable.

For me, I like it, but I don’t love it, I didn’t find my holy grail with this one.

Any suggestions? #desperate

All links and info are attached just to help you find some great stuff, I have bought most the products with my own money and my opinion is honest. Samples are accessible to every customer.


Kryolan Dusk

Hey lustfuls!

Today I had some extra time to do my face before work shift, and I was more than happy to use it well!

I work on evenings and nights, so, big surprise, I had to take these photos without daylight.

Primer: NYX Professional Makeup Studio Perfect Primer – Clear

Face: Clinique Redness Solutions foundation 01

Beauty UK Ultimate Contour Palette

NYX Professional Makeup Studio Finishing Powder – Translucent

Highlight: theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

Blush: Kicks Beauty blusher Lasting kiss

Eyes: Kryolan Viva – Iridescent Dusk – Palette (Lychee, Copper & Walnut)

theBalm Schwing – Black liquid eyeliner

theBalm Mad Lash Mascara

Brows: NYX Professional Makeup Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade – 01 Blonde

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade – Taupe

Lips: Kicks Beauty Get lost in beauty wonderland – palette, Fantasy lipgloss

On top I sprayed some Kicks Beauty Perfect Finish face mist.

This has to be the first lipgloss ever that I liked! It’s not sticky at all, felt almost like a lipbalm. Too bad it doesn’t stay too long either, but does it’s job.

I also love the pigment and shades of these Kryolan shadows! They are visible, but still blendable.

Sorry Marilyn, I beg to differ, it has to be a highlighter!

And don’t let me get started about theBalm eyeliner and mascara, not to mention The highlighter!

I may need to think how to gather these in their own posts. By use? By brand?

Have you tried Kryolan-eyeshadows? Is theBalm or Kicks Beauty familiar to you?

All links and info are attached just to help you find some great stuff, I have bought all the products with my own money and my opinion is honest. C’mon, I have no sponsors yet!

NYX Lip Lingerie 

This autumn I got the obsession, that I have to buy a brown lipstick. I want it, I need it! I’ve never tried one before, only reds, so why not buy three to try out more shades at once?

I ordered these from with my own money. In the package was one golden eyeshadow too, but more of that later. 

My skin is pale, tone is in the colder side, so I went with shades that looked cool. Does this make any sence? On the picture there are, from left to right, Corset, Honeymoon and Beauty Mark. 

I did these swatches quick after receiving the ordee, without any liner or priming, so don’t shoot me! Pics are taken in natural light with my OnePlus3. 

First one up was Corset. Shade is grayish, cool, beigelike color. I could wear this in everyday use, it’s pale but still edgy enough, rather this than any pale pink for me. 

Second one is Honeymoon. This shade is just as right in between as I thought, darker than Corset but lighter than BM. Maybe not for everyday, but I really like this shade too. I need to get used to wear other than classic red, but i think I can rock this out. 

Last but certainly not the least is the Beauty Mark. It has a bit more warmth in it, but stays on the cool side. Dark, burgundy brown, which suits my pale skin perfectly. For evenings out and parties. I think it seems a bit light on my pic,  and the true shade is off, it is a bit darker in person. 

All and all, I can see myself wearing these daily, for me there are no restrictions how to look while working or just going to store. Paler shade is easier to go with, but darker one can save an otherwise tired or boring look.

Quality seems great, just what I would expect from NYX. Lip lingerie dries matte, a bit sticky, but doesn’t make a mess and stays put. Stickiness I notice when I rub my lips together, but not when I touch them with my finger. I don’t recommend these, if you have very dry lips, these show every rip and bump.

And these stick on like a flu, easiest way to remove Lip lingerie from your lips is oil or moisturizer, I noticed this while swatching. Micellar water did nothing! So I hope that it means a long lasting wear. 

4/5, scent is okay, lipstick-like but disappears soon after applying, feels a bit dry but still comfortable, wear seems long lasting and colors are awesome. You’ll be seeing a lot of these in the future! 

All links and info are attached just to help you find some great stuff, I have bought all the products with my own money and my opinion is honest. C’mon, I have no sponsors yet!